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Downtown Blackstone Inc.
P.O. Box 417
Blackstone, VA 23824


About Us

Our mission is focused on the heart of our community - through comprehensive partnerships and cooperative actions, we preserve our historic downtown and cultivate its vibrant, thriving commerccial mix that is a source of community pride for residents, a prosperous investment for businesses, and an attractive, lively destination for visitors who feel welcomed and are eager to return.

Downtown Blackstone 2016 Board of Directors

Downtown Blackstone Inc. (DBI) is the established organization in the Town of Blackstone with the duties of facilitating the Virginia Main Street Program. A nine-member board comprised of local volunteers leads the organization.


Our Mission


Downtown Blackstone is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, volunteer organizationfocused on the preservation, growth and vitality of our historic downtown through cooperative actions and comprehensive partnerships.

We accomplish this mission:

These activities result in long-term sustainable growth in the downtown business community.