About Us

Founded in 2007, Downtown Blackstone, Inc. (DBI) remains a nationally recognized and state accredited non-profit organization, comprised of volunteers and passionate advocates, that seeks to foster an unyielding sense of community amongst local merchants and residents, improve business conditions, and strengthen the local economy in Blackstone’s Historic Business District by following the core tenets of the Main Street Approach™.

Our Mission

Downtown Blackstone, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization focused on the preservation, growth, and vitality of Blackstone’s Historic Business District (HBD) through cooperative actions and comprehensive partnerships.

Our Vision

Downtown Blackstone will have clean, inviting, and well-lit streets where people will be drawn to shop and mingle on an ongoing basis due to its pedestrian-friendly layout, authentic well-kept historic buildings and all of the exciting events held throughout the year.

Our Passion

As advocates for downtown revitalization, it’s the responsibility of the Main Street organization to anticipate needs, understand markets and demand, and to proactively plan for the emerging opportunities and challenges associated with new growth and development. We encourage sustainable growth and revitalization that strengthens the physical environment and character of the commercial district to ensure that Downtown Blackstone continues to serve as a place that’s attractive and appealing to investors, merchants, residents, and visitors. We are determined to identify opportunities for design and economic vitality that advance larger community goals and utilize existing resources that enhance the quality of life downtown in a manner conducive to supporting a vibrant Main Street community.

Downtown Blackstone Inc.

217 N. High St. 

Blackstone, VA  23824

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