Main Street Approach

Downtown Blackstone, Inc. utilizes the Main Street Approach for community-driven, comprehensive downtown revitalization and transformation.This practice is centered around Transformation Strategies, formed through an understanding of market data and effective community engagement, that articulate a focused, deliberate path to revitalizing or strengthening a downtown district’s economy. DBI’s Transformation Strategies are organized around the Four Points: Economic Vitality, Design, Promotion, and Organization.

Economic Vitality

Downtown Blackstone, Inc. concentrates on strengthening and growing the district’s economic base by developing effective strategies for business retention and recruitment. DBI’s Economic Vitality (EV) Committee identifies new market opportunities for the commercial district, discovers new uses for historic buildings, and stimulates property investment by developing financial incentives for building rehabilitations and new development. To ensure success, a thorough understanding of the community’s economic condition and opportunities for incremental market growth shall be examined.


Downtown Blackstone, Inc. seeks to improve the physical environment of the historic district by educating others about good design, enhancing the image of downtown businesses, encouraging quality improvements to private properties and public spaces, and guiding future growth and development. DBI’s Design Committee focuses on the physical image and visual assets of Main Street that maintain the ability to attract shoppers, investors, entrepreneurs, and others to downtown to support the community’s unique transformation.


Downtown Blackstone, Inc. focuses on marketing the district’s assets and promoting downtown as the center of commerce, culture, and community life for residents and visitors alike. Moving beyond the cookie-cutter promotions, DBI volunteers and staff must understand changing markets, identifying market niches and the district’s unique position within the marketplace. DBI’s promotional efforts shall remain market driven and help bring people back to downtown through new image campaigns, special events, and other more.


Downtown Blackstone, Inc. builds collaboration among a broad range of public and private sector groups, organizations, and other stakeholders to establish a strong foundation for a sustainable revitalization effort. DBI’s Organization Committee plays a key role in keeping the board, committees, and staff functioning by attracting people and money to the Main Street program. It’s essential to fundraise for projects and initiatives, recruit volunteers and reward good work, manage finances, and promote the program to downtown interests and the general public to help strengthen the organization.

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