Do you want to make a difference in the community? Do you want to get involved in a specific project or initiative? Do you want to lend a helping hand during special seasonal events? There’s one thing that Main Street organizations value most – volunteers! By offering your time and efforts to support the work of Blackstone’s Main Street program, you are doing good for others and the community which can offer a sense of pride and identity in the revitalization of Downtown Blackstone.

Volunteers are the backbone that help non-profit organizations accomplish their mission. Volunteerism brings us together as a community and the impact of volunteering can be witnessed in the current state of Downtown Blackstone – a flourishing destination. Over the past decade, there hasn’t been a single accomplishment made through the Main Street organization without the help of passionate and hardworking volunteers.

We need your talent! But, we recognize that not all volunteer positions suit everyone’s specific skills. As result, we’d love to learn more about your interests as a volunteer. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Sign-Up Form below:

At its core, the Main Street Movement has always been about the people that make great places happen and matter! Dedicated volunteers, small business owners, community residents, and other incredible people contribute to the success of Main Street because it takes a village. We’re a part of a transformative movement comprised of many stakeholders, partnerships, and relationships where everyone has a different, yet related, idea of what it takes to help our downtown flourish. Take a moment to reflect on what Main Street means to you.

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